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The Genesis

With over 10 plus years of media experience and working tirelessly to build the brand that is Hawksbeat Edwin “Edub” Powell is finally taking his sports knowledge and insight to the Atlanta airwaves. For the past 5 years he has built the Hawksbeat brand into a well respected and fully credentialed media outlet that covers the Atlanta Hawks.

Joining him is Phil Veasley (aka “ATL Phil”) the CEO of AtlSportsHQ. Phil has turned his website into one of the top independent sports brands in the Atlanta area. Phil oversees a team of talented writers and the content at ATLSportsHQ covers every team in Atlanta from the United to the Falcons. We are looking forward to Phil’s insight as he already has a pulse on the sports scene in Atlanta.

Rounding out the team is Tyronne Floyd, an Atlanta native who is no rookie to the ATL sports scene. Ty has done work for Hawksbeat and will be a valued asset with his passion and witty humor.

Gametime Radio will air Sunday evenings on the Real 1100am. You can also catch the show via the iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio app wherever you are. Shows will also be broadcast via Facebook live.

Make sure to also check out the “After the Show” Gametime Radio podcast which will serve as a place for the guys to chop it up some more and keep the party going. That podcast will be available on all the podcast platforms.