GTR: Episode 36, Warriors, A Lottery and an Interview with Chris Krischner from The Athletic

Greetings friends!

On today’s episode of the Gametime Radio Show the group (E-dub and Bowlin Bob) was back to full strength as ATL Phil returned from his vacation. In the wake of the all that has been talked about with the NBA Draft lottery we decided to bring on someone who was actually in the room in Chicago when the Draft lottery happened.

Insert Chris Krischner from the Athletic who covers the Atlanta Hawks. He joined us in our first segment and offered first hand insight on how the draft lottery process took place.

Here is how the rest of the show went down:

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  • Interview with Chris Krischner from The Athletic

Story of the Day – Sponsored by West Georgia Auto & Transmission

  • NBA Playoffs
  • Warriors / Blazers – Are the Warriors in the Blazers heads?
  • Raptors / Bucks – Are we ready to bury the Raptors

Around the 285 Segment – Sponsored by & ATLSportsHQ

  • Atl United update
  • Braves v Brewers series update
  • Atlanta Falcons news
  • Atlanta Dream First Game Preview

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