Falcons Fans Underwhelming Reaction To Their 1st Round Selection of OL Chris Lindstrom (video)

Last night the Atlanta Falcons selected Boston College offensive lineman Chris Lindstrom with the 14th overall pick and later moved back into the first round to grab Washington offensive lineman Kaleb McGary with the 31st overall pick in the draft.

No I don’t claim to know anything about either one of these guys, I’m sure they are probably decent football players but drafting offensive linemen has never been the sexy thing to do on draft night.

What you don’t want to miss however is the Falcons fans reaction to win the 14th pick is announced. It truly is a thing of beauty and comedy all rolled into one.

Video courtesy of @knowbardeen

We can’t really blame Falcons fans for not being excited or knowing who an offensive lineman for Boston College is. The video whoever is hilarious. Here is how some fans reacted on twitter.







Like any franchise you will have a mix of emotions and opinions and the ultimate determining factor will be how these guys perform on the field of play. Make sure to tune into the Gametime Radio Show this Sunday as we have more reaction from the Falcons draft and much more.

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