GTR: Episode 18, Drowning Our Sorrows in Phillip’s Rivers & The JustGood Network

photo cred: Charles Krupa


In this episode of the Gametime Radio Show our guy Bowlin Bob was joined by our brothers at the JustGood Network, Jansen Harris and Sean Fowler. E-dub joined the crew during the 2nd half of the show and good time was had by all, you really don’t want to miss this episode. Here’s a break down of the show.

Fresh off the Press

  • Jimmy Butler – is it him or is it us?
  • Indy / KC
  • Dallas / Rams

Story of the Day

  • Chargers / Pats
  • Saints / Eagles
  • Bama / Clemson

Around the 285

  • Local scoreboard
  • Will the losses of several players and their Offensive Coordinator affect UGA?
  • Hawks / Bucks (Round 2 of the Bud Beatdown Tour)

Bells and Buzzers

  • Knowing what we know about Clemson now, do we owe Notre Dame an apology?
  • Fitzgerald the most under rated WR?


Magic Number 

Shout outs

Who ya shouting out???


Make sure to check out the Jansen and Sean on the JustGood Network on twitter / Instagram / Facebook and YouTube

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