GTR: Episode 11, Brown Rice in Cleveland, As the KD & Draymond Turns & Is It Stuffing or Dressing.

The Gametime Radio Show would like to wish all our listeners and supporters a Happy Thanksgiving.

In this episode the three man weave was run by E-dub, ATL Phil and Bowlin Bob from Atlanta Sports HQ crew. It’s always a good time when Bob joins the crew, he’s really a natural when it comes to talking sports.

Fresh off the Press – The freshest news .. hot off the press.

In this segment we talked about the possibility of the Condeleeza Rice being selected as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns.

The beef between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant and the implications it could have on the Warriors.

Is this the end for Melo?

Story of the Day – It’s NFL season so in this segment we talk football. 

It was almost a home game for the Cowboys. Falcons now on life support.

Jameis comes in and has a good game but Buccaneers still fall to the Giants.

Cam and the Panthers drop another one, riverboat Ron doing what he does best.

Trae Young struggled mightily on this last road trip.

The 285 – What is going on around the 285?

We check in with the local college scoreboard: Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, Georgia State and UGA.

The Atlanta Hawks hit the road and brought back a bunch of “L’s”.  What up with Trae Young?

Bells and Buzzers (Thanksgiving edition)

As always the Magic number segment closed out the show followed by our shout outs.

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