GTR: Episode 10, Jimmy Headed to Philly, Dez Hit with Vodoo & Chubb Runs Through Some Dirty Birds

Episode 10 of the Gametime Radio Show and we were joined by our special guest-host Horace from the SRT Radio Show. Make sure to check out their radio show from 7-9pm every Wednesday on the Real 1100am.

Fresh off the Press

First things first we had to get into some of this Jimmy Butler talk with him packing his bags and joining the Philadelphia 76ers. What does this mean for the East? How much of a shakeup with this cause?

Story of the Day

E-dub, Ty and Horace talked about week 11 in the NFL and how it was the Atlanta Falcons could go into Cleveland and get handled by the Cleveland Browns. We also went down the NFL scoreboard. How much more time does Dirk Koetter have in Tampa? Are the Dallas Cowboys even interested in winning?

The 285

In this segment we looked at the local college/university scoreboard and threw in some Atlanta Hawks talk, Atlanta United and some Georgia Bulldog talk. Can you name the last Georgia running back that has come through that program and not be a beast? .. We can’t either. We also talk about the Atlanta Hawks and their lack of fire power.

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