GTR: Episode 7: #Spitgate, State Farm Arena, 2 point Conversions and the Lotto

For this being lucky show #7 we sure did our best to get behind the eight-ball. E-dub and Atl Phil both left their laptops so we definitely had to make adjustments on how we got our info during the show. It turned out to not be a problem and show #7 was actually one of our better shows.

First things first we have to let you know we still have less than 2 weeks left on our t-shirt fundraiser. We are giving a portion of the proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Atlanta. Yes we are helping in the fight against cancer, so its a win win!! T-Shirts are $20 .. Click Here to help us fight cancer.

GT Tshirt

Fresh off the press – We talked about spit gate and our thoughts on the new State Farm arena.

Story of the day – The Gametime crew talked about week 7 in the NFL. Bucs/Browns, Panthers/Eagles and what was Mike Vrabel thinking going for 2 at the end of the Titans/Chargers game?

Around the 285 – the crew took a trip around the 285 and talked about the Atlanta United after their win over the Chicago Fire.   The Hawks were playing as the show was going on so the crew weighed in on their matchup vs the Cavs and talked about opening night.

As usual the show was closed out with the Bells and Buzzers segment and Magic Number and then Shootouts.

Make sure you check out the archive show on archive and giving us a 5 star rating on iTunes won’t even take you 5 minutes. The YouTube archive should be up by Monday as well.

Thanks for checking us out and make sure you grab a t-shirt.

Link for our latest show:


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